November 11, 2019. Shanghai, China.  Shanghai Zhimeng Biopharma Inc. a startup biotech company focusing on discovery and development of innovative therapies for treating chronic hepatitis B virus infection and neurological diseases, announced that it had closed its pre-A round of fundraising with 10 million US dollars.  The major part of this fund will be used to finance the phase I clinical studies of Zhimeng’s leading product --- a novel HBV capsid inhibitor designed for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection; the rest of the money will be used to support the IND-enabling and preclinical studies of the company’s other HBV drug candidates, as well as products developed to treat epilepsy, pains, and stroke.

Lake Capital and Shenzhen Capital Group Co. ltd. co-led this round of financing, with TechWisdom capital following the suit.