Dr. Xin Fang, received his PhD degree in neuroscience at University of Bristol, UK, is currently the Executive Director of Shanghai Zhimeng Biopharma.

Prior to joining Zhimeng, Dr. Fang worked for NeuroSolutions Ltd. (UK) Shanghai ChemPartner, and WuXi AppTec for more than 15 years, serving successively as Senior Researcher, Research Fellow, Director of General Pharmacology. Dr. Fang used to be fully responsible for project execution and management of pre-clinical candidates for domestic and foreign sponsors. He has supported several PCC into the clinical trials. Dr. Fang’s broad expertise encompasses the fields of neuroscience, cardiocerebral vascular, metabolism and organ transplantation et al.  Dr. Fang completed his postdoctoral research at University of Bristol and published more than 10 scientific papers.